Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Full speed ahead for contested 5G, W-Fi spectrum

Recent wrangling over 5G and Wi-Fi wireless spectrum indiates the breakneck pace of new bandwidths being opoened up to broadband use will continue.

The underlying issues are whether newly alloted 5G bandwidth will interfere with airplane safety and whether new unlicensed spectrum will interfere with the backhaul of communications from cell towers.

Airlines vs. telecoms

The FAA’s well-publicized worries over 5G deployments in the recently auctioned C-band frequencies center on the potential of those 5G services to interfere with radio altimeter equipment in older aircraft. A radio altimeter is an avionics device that measures the distance between the bottom of an airplane and the ground directly, using radio waves, rather than measuring the surrounding air density like barometric altimeters do. It’s a key technology for bad-weather and low-visibility landings, and the possibility of any interference with those systems is worrisome from a safety perspective.

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