Wednesday, November 24, 2021

BrandPost: Outsourcing vs. DIY: Monitoring and Servicing Critical IT at Edge Computing Sites

Monitoring and servicing are two critical functions to ensure your distributed UPS assets do the job they were intended to do to keep your critical edge computing applications available.   But when you have UPSs distributed across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of sites, managing them can be a challenge due to the geographic dispersity, the lack of trained/dedicated staff, and the mixed ages/models of the fleet.

Some companies opt to manage their fleet themselves, while others choose to outsource the functions to a 3rd party vendor or partner.  There are both qualitative and quantitative trade-offs involved when deciding which approach makes sense for you. I recently published a white paper to discuss these monitoring and servicing considerations (White Paper 283, A Quantitative Comparison of UPS Monitoring and Servicing Approaches Across Edge Environments), but will summarize them here…

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