Wednesday, November 24, 2021

BrandPost: Architecting Edge Computing Infrastructure Is Simplified With New Vertiv Report and Digital Configuration Tool

Edge computing is a simple concept. Move processing and storage closer to devices and users to better manage the tsunami of data being generated and consumed across your enterprise and enable new digital applications.

But it’s not so simple in execution. Edge use cases have different requirements that must be factored into your edge strategy. And edge computing sites are deployed in very different physical environments. While some edge use cases may be supported by IT racks in a regional colocation facility, others require putting IT in the back of a store, on the factory floor, or on a city street corner.

This complexity is compounded by the de-centralized nature of edge computing. Organizations that embark on an edge computing strategy — and our research indicates about half currently are — will typically need to deploy multiple edge sites to achieve their goals, increasing the importance of standardized and intelligent edge infrastructure.

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