Thursday, September 16, 2021

Cisco forecasts a bright future for network, app, hybrid work technologies

In a wide-ranging Investor Day conference Cisco executives outlined what they described as a $900 billion total market of high-level technology targets the networking giant expects to be a dominant force in developing toward in the next four years.

Those targets include the six areas Cisco has been building toward for the past couple years, including agile networks, optimized applications, hybrid work, the Internet of the future, end-to-end security and edge networking capabilities but also other areas such as cloud security, hybrid cloud, IoT and more.  

“We have built a portfolio designed for the modern world, and driven compelling new innovation from Cisco Plus and the Webex Suite to Silicon One and Secure X just a few examples of key technologies that we have provided over the past few years,” said Chuck Robbins, Cisco CEO. 

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