Wednesday, September 22, 2021

BrandPost: Zero Trust Implementation is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Although no one wants to say the quiet part out loud, security isn't easy. If it were, there wouldn't be so many successful cyberattacks. Virtually everyone agrees that the concepts behind the zero-trust security model make sense. Instead of assuming anyone or anything that has gained access to the network can be trusted, assume the opposite. Nothing can be trusted anywhere, whether outside or inside the network perimeter.

Zero trust sounds great on paper, but organizations have been slow to implement it. According to a recent ESG report, "The State of Zero trust Security Strategies," only 13% of organizations have strong adherence to zero-trust principles and 54% have been working on zero trust for less than two years. Although 74% are very familiar with the concepts, 76% expect zero trust to be complex to implement.

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