Thursday, July 1, 2021

BrandPost: The Convergence of Security and Networking is Driven by the Hybrid Workforce

Much has been written about the convergence of security and networking. Often the focus is on one side or the other. Networks need to be more secure. And security needs to take the network into account. But what's often ignored is that the convergence of security and networking is driven by the needs of a hybrid and distributed workforce. And networks and security need to evolve—and converge—to meet those needs.

Case in point: because of the pandemic, more users are working from home. And each of these remote users is their own “branch of one,” so security not only needs to focus on the edge more than ever, but it must work seamlessly with connectivity to ensure secure and timely access to critical applications across highly volatile and unreliable connections. The working from anywhere trend is just one of the many network transformation pressures that are increasing the number of network edges. Your edges are no longer just a branch or a campus, they are widely distributed. It’s at home, or in the car, or in the coffee shop. It’s in private and public clouds. It’s the campus and data center edge. It’s the branch office and the home office. They all need fast and reliable connections. And they all need to be secured ideally by an integrated platform approach where all connection talk to each other and can be holistically managed.

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