Wednesday, June 16, 2021

BrandPost: Network Essentials: SD-WAN and Zero Trust

In the world of business, what is considered essential changes over time. Most businesses haven't used paper accounting ledgers, fax machines, or phone books for years, for example. And now, in many cases, office space isn't even essential.

The move to remote work caused by the pandemic led many organizations to invest in modern networking and security technologies. And protecting digital assets is becoming increasingly urgent as security threats such as ransomware continue to escalate at the same time traditional network perimeters and the security they provide continue to dissolve.

Network and security support for "work from anywhere" is rapidly becoming a business essential. It's no longer a choice between having an option that is good for remote workers or one for a mainly in-office situation. Now organizations need solutions that can adapt to different work models with the flexibility to securely address all workforce scenarios. And to provide simplified operations, consistent policy and protection, it's critical to have unified management for remote users, branches, cloud, and data centers.

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