Monday, May 17, 2021

BrandPost: Security Should be a Catalyst, not an Obstacle, to Widespread 5G Adoption

5G is enabling accelerated digital transformation and more innovation for enterprises and mobile network operators (MNOs), with support for massive IoT deployments, ultra-high reliability and low latency wireless networks. However, as with all new technologies, 5G also introduces new security challenges that need to be addressed at the same pace of business requirements. To keep pace, and not introduce bottlenecks, security must operate at the same speed as 5G network ecosystems.

Indeed, to realize the full potential of 5G, a new network ecosystem is being created, comprised of enterprises, mobile network operators, and hyperscale cloud service providers. This ecosystem will harness 5G capabilities, resulting in new innovation and transformative value-added services. However, 5G networks are complex, highly distributed, with a broad attack surface and multiple network edges that bring new risks.   

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