Thursday, May 20, 2021

Automation: Dealing with Vendor-Specific Configuration Keywords

One of the students in our Building Network Automation Solutions online course asked an interesting question:

I’m building an IPsec multi-vendor automation solution and am now facing the challenge of vendor-specific parameter names. For example, to select the AES-128 algorithm, Juniper uses ‌aes-128-cbc, Arista aes128, and Checkpoint AES-128.

I guess I need a kind of Rosetta stone to convert the IKE/IPSEC parameters from a standard parameter to a vendor-specific one. Should I do that directly in the Jinja2 template, or in the Ansible playbook calling the template?

Both options are awkward. It would be best to have a lookup table mapping parameter values from the data model into vendor-specific keywords, for example:


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