Wednesday, April 21, 2021

IT certifications: Popular and valuable but not for everyone

In today’s IT profession, how important are certifications? Do you need them to do your job, stay relevant, or receive a promotion? Or is on-the-job training enough?

Some IT professionals get certifications because they are required, some get them for monetary reasons, and some get them for their own personal growth. At work, it’s a big topic of discussion. Here’s my experience and what I decided.

When I began my IT career as a network engineer, I was unfamiliar with certifications, but getting the CompTIA Security+ certification was a requirement for my job because of the sensitivity of my work. By getting the certification I would know more about securing networks and keeping them secure. I had to try three times before passing the exam because I had to learn how to take the test, not because I hadn’t mastered the material. That taught me to stay relaxed and reread the questions during the exam, and it taught me that persistence pays off.  Obtaining the Security+ certification gave me a level of confidence that I could obtain more certifications, so I decided to try for the CompTIA Network+ certification to increase my knowledge base about networking.

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