Tuesday, February 16, 2021

BrandPost: You Won’t Get Anywhere in SASE Without the Right Next-Gen SWG

A true Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture includes all of the capabilities of a next-generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG). But there’s a world of difference between a next-gen SWG and products and services that claim to offer “full SWG capabilities,” whether they’re known by “web filtering” or “cloud proxy” or any other descriptors.

Here’s a look at the most important use cases to address for your SWG, followed by a checklist to discuss with your vendor and team when it’s time to make the right decision.

Monitor and assess risk with cloud app and web usage

For an average organization, approximately 53% of web traffic is now related to the 2,415 apps and cloud services they use. A next-gen SWG needs to provide monitoring and visibility of activity-level user behavior when accessing websites and cloud apps. Given that more than 98% of cloud apps are outside the administrative control of IT, risk ratings for tens of thousands of apps are also required.

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