Tuesday, October 20, 2020

BrandPost: Modern Cloud-first Enterprises Require Intelligent Internet Breakout

Traditional Networks Were Never Designed for the Cloud

Prior to the advent of the cloud, IT was simply a department in an organization where users would go to get their phone issues resolved or their computers fixed. Today, IT plays a far more strategic role in the enterprise and is a key enabler of business growth.

As enterprises embrace digital transformation, the rapid adoption of SaaS applications and the migration of enterprise workloads to IaaS, it has become critical for businesses to view their IT investments as a way to maintain a competitive edge. Achieving the highest SaaS and IaaS-hosted application performance is no longer an option but a present day imperative. Any additional latency encountered while accessing SaaS applications or IaaS workloads directly impacts end user quality of experience and business productivity. Dissatisfied users can mean lost customers, prospects, and employees, all of which are critical from a business standpoint.

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