Tuesday, April 7, 2020

BrandPost: Zero to 400: TrialCard Shifts to Work from Home Network in Just Two Weeks

Reliably and securely connecting remote users to applications and services is not a trivial task. In today’s world, the new reality is that enterprises must be prepared to support a “work from anywhere” model, or at a minimum support a growing number of remote users. This means it’s critical that businesses not only architect the network appropriately, so that it assures the quality of experience for IT and takes into account the rollout and management and the end user in terms of application performance, but that the implementation is second to none.

You can read more about various distributed workforce options here, including a work from anywhere reference architecture. However, in this blog I’ll detail a use case from a technical perspective for call center agents – specifically, businesses with agents that utilize zero clients. This scenario is based on Silver Peak customer TrialCard, which needed to react quickly and efficiently to support an immediate transition to a remote workforce in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. TrialCard literally extended its SD-WAN deployment to 400+ remote call agents and went live in less than two weeks, without disruption to their business. You are probably familiar with client-based VPNs, as many enterprises have these software solutions in place today. But there are times when these solutions will not fully address the user performance requirements or hardware needs that dictate a physical demarcation point.

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