Wednesday, April 1, 2020

BrandPost: How to Implement & Assess Your Cyber Hygiene

Just like physical hygiene keeps us healthy and protects us from common germs, cyber hygiene is important for protecting your organization from common cyber threats. Implementing cyber hygiene security best practices is the CIS-recommended way to help prevent data breaches, system misconfigurations, and more.

But what exactly does cyber hygiene entail? This blog post will highlight the development process for establishing a cyber hygiene program and help identify a program that works for your organization. These cyber hygiene security guidelines are adapted from the CIS Controls V7.1. The CIS Controls are a free, internationally-recognized set of cybersecurity best practices. They're known for bringing together expert insight about threats, business technology, and defensive options. They provide an effective and simple way to manage an organization’s security improvement regime.

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