Sunday, March 15, 2020

HPE rolls out turnkey 5G-as-a-service

HPE is entering the 5G market, taking square aim at telco network equipment providers like Huawei, Nokia, and Ericsson with a new 5G core network software stack targeted directly at telcos.

The company is selling HPE 5G Core Stack, an open, cloud-native 5G core network solution for deployment of dedicated 5G networks. HPE 5G Core Stack will be available as a pre-integrated software and hardware solution through the company’s HPE GreenLake pay-per-use service.

HPE notes that while some carriers have already started deploying 5G radio access networks (RAN) services, the true value of 5G will only be realized when access networks are combined with a 5G core network. Some telcos have made 5G deployments and are boasting of it in TV ads, but their services run on top of 4G networks. 5G Core Stack is a pure 5G play and promises greater speed and low latency for not having to run on a legacy 4G network.

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