Tuesday, January 28, 2020

BrandPost: Scaling Secure SD-WAN Across Hundreds of Branch Offices

Digital Innovation at the Branch Requires SD-WAN

Most organizations with multiple locations are in the process of implementing a distributed networking strategy that ensure that all branch offices and users are able to take advantage of ongoing digital innovation efforts. For true cross-organizational collaboration, productivity enhancement, and improved user experience, every user needs access to essential business applications. To achieve this, they need highly flexible and scalable access to cloud-based applications and resources, direct access to the internet, and on-demand connections to other users and devices.

That’s simply not possible with traditional hub-and-spoke branch networking models built around WAN routers and a fixed MPLS connection. Business applications, especially those that deliver rich media or enable highly flexible collaboration between users and locations – such as unified communications, Office 365, and similar tools – require massive amounts of bandwidth. And in a traditional model, all of that traffic needs to be backhauled through the core network. Multiply that by scores of remote workers located in dozens of remote offices and you can quickly overwhelm internal servers, compute resources, and even security and inspection tools.

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