Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Automation, Big Data and AI

The final topic David Gee and Christoph Jaggi mentioned in their interview was big data and AI (see also: automated workflows, hygiene of network automation and network automation security):

Two other concurrent buzzwords are big data and artificial intelligence. Can they be helpful for automation?

Big Data can provide a rich pool of event-sourcing information and, as infrastructures get more complex, it’s essential that automation triggers are as accurate as possible.

Big Data lends capabilities to use rich and high integrity data to source information for triggering and providing input to workflows.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are all fantastic technologies when coupled with automation. Machine Learning is one of the simplest to consume, and telemetry type products make use of ML for the prediction of values. This is useful for preventing congestion in high traffic Internet events or predicting failures and minimizing business impact when they happen. Designers that couple machine-learning and event-sourcing gain powerful capabilities and uncover new areas where automation can make a real difference.

You know I’m not as optimistic as David is and tend to side more with James Mickens’ view. For a more down-to-earth approach check out what David had to say on event-driven automation in Spring 2018 Building Network Automation Solutions online course – you’ll get access to those materials as soon as you register for the course.

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Thanks to Ivan Pepelnjak (see source)

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