Thursday, October 7, 2021

Should You Build or Buy a Router?

Patrik Schindler sent me an interesting comment to my Open-Source DMVPN Alternatives blog post:

I’ve done searches myself some time ago about the readymade Linux distros supporting DMVPN and got exactly what I asked for.

Glancing over that page appalled me: Different stuff with different configuration languages, probably the need to restart things, thus generating service outages for configuration changes…

Your blog is heavily biased towards big deployments with good opportunities for automation, and the diversity of different components can be easily hidden behind automation scripts of choice. Smaller deployments are almost never being able to compensate the initial overhead of creating all the automation fuzz, and from that perspective, I must admit that configuring a Cisco router feels way more smooth to me.

Welcome to the build-or-buy dilemma, router edition.


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