Wednesday, September 29, 2021

BrandPost: Futureproofing SD-WAN to Support Ongoing Digital Innovation

SD-WAN has seen tremendous growth and adoption, in part because it provided a flexible WAN solution just as networks were undergoing a radical transformation. To compete effectively in today's digital marketplace, organizations needed to provide users at remote locations with reliable, adaptable, and high-performance access to critical business resources, such as cloud-based business applications.

But this transformation had just begun, and many SD-WAN solutions were simply not designed to support the new use cases resulting from ongoing digital innovation. Today, networks are increasingly complex, with new edge environments—including work from anywhere employees and multi-cloud environments—and distributed resources continuing to evolve. As a result, even though SD-WAN is a relatively new technology, many solutions have already begun to fail the test of time because they can't support many of today's new digital business use cases.

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