Monday, August 30, 2021

What is firewall as a service?

So what’s firewall as a service?

Firewall as a service, or FWaaS, relies on technology in the cloud. A user or application connects to the FWaaS via the internet, and the service applies domain rules, URL filtering, and other security that physical firewall appliances use. The idea is to replace the multitude of hardware firewalls you’d need to secure all of your business’ traffic from all of its different operational sites with secure internet connections to the service.

What’s wrong with firewall appliances?

Possibly nothing. Physical firewalls are still quite popular, particularly for businesses without a lot of different locations and without a lot of remote workers. They even have some advantages over FWaaS, like different cost profiles. On-prem firewalls are a capex expenditure up-front but tend to be cheaper over time. They also have lower latency.

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