Tuesday, March 2, 2021

BrandPost: Take It from A CISO: Successful Transformation Depends on Your Plan for These 7 Forces

At the monumental intersection of digital transformation, an industry-wide focus on SASE, and the continuing effects of COVID-19 on the way workforces function, we have never experienced such a seismic shift in all facets of business over such a short period of time. Today we see this transformation driving changes to corporate culture, business processes, and technology at such a rapid pace, our current security strategy cannot keep up.

Unlike past evolutions that were driven entirely by advances in technology, this change is driven by the digital transformation of businesses and the way workforces operate. The ongoing rapid deployment of cloud has given organizations a low-cost option for implementing significant processing power. Plus, workforces now demand the ability to work from anywhere; more than 90% of devices sold today are mobile, and those devices are being used to access business systems off-premises more than 50% of the time.

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