Tuesday, March 9, 2021

BrandPost: SD-WAN Is Made SASE-Ready with the Right Security Private Cloud

What is the ideal role of SD-WAN in a SASE architecture?

Both SD-WAN and SASE hold great promise, sharing the common goal of securely connecting users to the data and applications critical to doing their jobs and demonstrating the tightening linkage between networking and security investments. Without the right security private cloud, however, SD-WAN lacks the necessary complement that will help organizations fully realize a SASE architecture, especially for addressing remote workers.

SD-WAN’s Role

Leveraging the concept of a virtualized network overlay to connect branch offices, SD-WAN allows organizations to better tap the public Internet and low-cost broadband to save on expensive, legacy MPLS connections. Various analysts estimate SD-WAN can help enterprises cut costs by as much as 65% compared to traditional alternatives. SD-WAN benefits run deeper than just infrastructure savings, also including increased network availability, better traffic prioritization, and more intelligent path selection.

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