Tuesday, March 2, 2021

BrandPost: Aruba SD-WAN strengthens the weakest link in Microsoft 365 app performance

Your employees are complaining of poor performance when using Microsoft applications and services. The weakest link isn’t on the IT team; it’s your WAN!

As frequent users of business applications such as Microsoft 365 (Office, Teams, SharePoint, and Exchange), we often fail to notice what peak performance feels like, but we certainly know what poor performance feels like! Our frustration builds as we wait on a frozen screen, watch a spinning wheel, or listen intently as we attempt to decipher garbled voice: “Can you repeat that? You’re breaking up.” These experiences tend to occur at the worst time: while delivering a webinar, leading a Microsoft Teams call with an important client, or while trying to access and update a file for your boss while under a tight deadline.

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