Friday, December 4, 2020

Pure Storage offers on-demand storage service

Pure Storage, the all-flash array storage provider, has expanded its Pure-as-a-Service offering to include flexible, pay-as-you-go options for bridging public and private clouds.

The company launched Pure-as-a-Service late last year, but it was based on its previous Evergreen service, which had a per-use model for clients looking to move from capex to opex economics. It provides block, file, and object data management capabilities under a single unified subscription.

First stage Pure-as-a-Service was formally known as Evergreen Storage Service (ES2), which was launched out of a pilot program begun in 2016. The company notes that one of the challenges facing the industry is that "products on subscription" is often used interchangeably with true services, the difference being the former is a financial model while the latter is more of a cloud economic, operational, and customer experience model. 

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