Monday, December 21, 2020

How Ansible Configuration Parsing Made Me Pull My Hair Out

Yesterday I wrote a frustrated tweet after wasting a hour trying to figure out why a combination of OSPF and IS-IS routing worked on Cisco IOS but not on Nexus OS. Having to wait for a minute after Vagrant told me the Nexus 9300v was ready for NX-OS to “boot” its Ethernet module did’t improve my mood either, and the inconsistencies in NX-OS interface naming (Ethernet1/1 is uppercase while loopback0 and mgmt0 are lowercase) was just the cherry on top of the pile of ****. Anyway, here’s what I wrote:

Can’t tell you how much I hate Ansible’s lame attempts to do idempotent device configuration changes. Wasted an hour trying to figure out what’s wrong with my Nexus OS config… only to find out that “interface X” cannot appear twice in the configuration you want to push.

Not unexpectedly, I got a few (polite and diplomatic) replies from engineers who felt addressed by that tweet, so it’s only fair to document exactly what made me so angry.


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