Thursday, May 7, 2020

BrandPost: How to Keep Personnel Working from Home Safe and Productive with SD-WAN

Now that COVID-19 has been with us for several weeks, office workers and other professionals have largely settled into their work from home (WFH) routines. 

Many people don’t have the luxury of a job they can perform from home, and 10% of the homes in the US still don’t have broadband. But for the workers with the ability to WFH, the home broadband network has become mission-critical—not just for their families, but for their employers as well.

A mere handful of months ago, neither the WFH denizens nor their broadband providers had any inkling of the burden that would be placed on the humble home network. Not only are both parents at home – perhaps both WFH themselves – but their children are home as well, leveraging similar videoconferencing and collaboration tools as their parents to complete their schoolwork.

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