Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Trouble with troubleshooting: Network-management tools are letting IT pros down

(Root-cause analysis is one of the features least supported by network troubleshooting tools, according to Enterprise Management Associates’ recent research Network Management Megatrends 2020, that surveyed 350 network-management professionals about these tools. This article by EMA Vice President of Research Networking Shamus McGillicuddy discusses this finding and recommends how management pros should evaluate this feature. A recording of a webinar covering the research is here.)

Troubleshooting is perhaps the most vital responsibility of a network operations team. When IT services are interrupted or degraded, engineers and admins race to diagnose and remediate the problem. Every minute counts, because transactions, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction all suffer while the network team is doing this work.

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Thanks to Shamus McGillicuddy (see source)

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