Tuesday, April 14, 2020

BrandPost: Secure SD-WAN – Providing a Flexible Platform for Teleworkers

Building flexibility into our networked environments is the hallmark of digital innovation. It allows organizations to be more nimble when it comes to delivering critical resources and applications to customers and employees. It agilely adapts to changes in the marketplace. And it allows organizations to maintain a competitive advantage in a world where change is the only constant.

The need for this kind of flexibility has been highlighted by the current crisis. Organizations with a flexible and distributed infrastructure already in place were able to quickly adapt to new remote worker requirements with minimal impact on business continuity. Without proper strategies, solutions, and infrastructures in place, organizations were not only unprepared to address this crisis, but even normal requirements, such as digital innovation, present significant technological challenges to enterprises. Without the flexibility to provide application access, maintain optimal performance, and ensure uninterrupted connectivity to critical assets/resources can cripple their ability to compete and survive in today’s digital marketplace.

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