Tuesday, April 21, 2020

BrandPost: NVv4 Expands Virtualization Opportunities for Financial Services

The financial services industry is no stranger to virtualization, having already come to appreciate the advantages it offers for satisfying important IT requirements such as centralized data security, enhanced mobility and improved disaster recovery capability. The advent of Microsoft’s new NVv4 instance for Microsoft Azure with fractional GPU capability now has the potential to make it feasible to expand the use cases, practicality and opportunities to use virtual machines (VMs) to support finance operations.

The Virtualization Challenge

One of the barriers to broad adoption of virtualization across many more essential financial applications has been the fact that most widely used software solutions such as trading consoles and visual analytics workstations require GPU support to ensure responsive interactivity under real-time demands. Prior to NVv4, this was only possible by providing each user’s computer or workstation with access to a full, dedicated GPU in the data center. This was highly inefficient, as many applications really only require a small, but nonetheless critical, amount of GPU processing to deliver a great user experience. Thus, the approach was expensive on a per-user basis and did not sufficiently improve the maintenance burden on IT departments. The need to offer the highest level of security for these environments has further complicated the switch to virtualized topologies.

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