Tuesday, April 28, 2020

BrandPost: Automate SD-WAN in AWS in 3 Steps

Doing anything at scale has been a challenge throughout history, whether it was building the ancient pyramids or architecting a modern enterprise WAN. With an onslaught of new applications and services, evolving security, and global infrastructure shifting to the cloud, automation is fast becoming key to success. SD-WAN has evolved with automation as a core tenet, enabling networking teams to architect, test, and deploy more rapidly than ever. With automation, IT teams recover invaluable time to plan and architect (and occasionally document), rather than toiling with manual configurations and troubleshooting. 

While some automation is built into most SD-WAN platforms, these capabilities often don’t start until the appliance has been deployed and powered on. Deploying Silver Peak® Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN physical appliances is relatively simple, but deploying EC-V appliances can require more hands-on intervention, an option gaining popularity as public IaaS instances continue to gain importance. In this blog, I will describe an easy way to deploy EC-V appliances into Amazon Web Services (AWS) leveraging publicly available tools.  

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