Monday, April 6, 2020

BrandPost: AMD and NVv4: The Right-Sized Approach for Educational IT

Microsoft’s announcement of its new NVv4 virtual desktop instances got me thinking about the many industries that may benefit from expanding virtualization. With fractional GPU functionality built on AMD Radeon GPUs, NVv4 suddenly makes it feasible to apply Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to use cases previously burdened with compromises. So, over my next few blogs, I’ll explore some of those industries, beginning with a favorite of mine – Education.

IT managers in education work magic, forever balancing technical progress, rising user expectations, and, above all, cost. Microsoft Azure NVv4 is exciting because it addresses the breadth of those challenges. By making it possible to share GPU resources in a third-party, cloud-based managed data center, NVv4 enables education IT to:

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Thanks to AMD (see source)

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