Monday, March 2, 2020

Coronavirus prep could spark better disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery systems often do not get the respect or budget that they deserve, and despite its potentially dire dangers, the coronavirus COVID-19 could actually help change that.

Most things you would do to prepare for the disease are no different than what you should normally be doing, but concerns about the virus might help accelerate existing plans or to reconsider some long-standing policies.

Prepare for a mobile workforce

Most employees are already very mobile and do most of their work on laptops and mobile devices, so it's perfectly reasonable to think that your company is prepared for a mobile workforce. However, just because your employees can work from virtually anywhere doesn't necessarily mean that you are prepared for all or most of them to be mobile all of the time. Don’t underestimate the degree to which face-to-face interaction is at the core of how you do business.

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Thanks to W. Curtis Preston (see source)

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