Thursday, March 12, 2020

BrandPost: Wi-Fi 6 - a Q&A for CIOs and network managers

From IoT devices to mobile operations, there are literally thousands of products to help enterprises transform digitally.Tam Dell'Oro, Founder and CEO of Dell’Oro Group, expects that Wi-Fi 6 will become mainstream in 2020, as manufacturers bring products to market at prices that will likely drive mass adoption. Early enterprise adopters will gain a competitive edge in offering unprecedented connectivity and user experiences.

This is what you need to know as you make your decisions to upgrade your Wi-Fi enterprise network.


  1. What is Wi-Fi 6, how does it work and why?

Wi-Fi 6 is the next-generation wireless standard. It’s faster than previous versions but more than just speed, it provides better performance in high-traffic areas, such as schools, large offices, factories, shopping malls, airports, and stadiums.

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