Wednesday, March 18, 2020

BrandPost: Don’t Settle for an Incomplete SD-WAN Solution

To keep up with digital innovation efforts, organizations are increasingly replacing their traditional WAN edge, built around static MPLS and router deployments. New SD-WAN solutions include business application recognition and steering, WAN path optimization, advance routing, and security – enabling organizations to take full advantage of the ongoing digital revolution at their remote sites and branch offices.

But SD-WAN requirements are maturing, and as a result, many solutions are incomplete. Issues like limited scalability, the lack of automation to simplify operations, and lackluster cloud on-ramp and cloud and SaaS integrations can result in a poor user experience that can undermine the value of an SD-WAN deployment. Instead, SD-WAN solutions need to provide a robust set of networking and connectivity tools that can meet and adapt to the dynamic nature of digital innovation, especially as organizations move more aggressively to the cloud, transition from regional to global deployments, or expand the number of their regional offices.

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