Tuesday, February 18, 2020

BrandPost: Performance Drives Innovation and Security Vendors Need to Keep Up

In 1969, the very first e-message was sent over the ARPANET from computer science Professor Leonard Kleinrock's UCLA laboratory to a network node located at Stanford. That event kicked off a digital revolution that has utterly transformed our world. And ever since that first defining moment, the one question that has driven nearly all subsequent digital innovation has been: “How can we do this even faster?”

We are still wrestling with that same challenge today. The latest advances in computing, such as edge device hyperconnectivity and the hyperscalability achievements of advanced data center architectures are the result of the desire to achieve better performance. Speed is the driving force behind the digital transformation of today’s business infrastructures. It enables access to critical data and resources, drives business efficiencies, scales application development, increases productivity, generates revenue, and accelerates ROI.

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