Saturday, January 4, 2020

Worth Reading: Understanding Scale Computing HC3 Edge Fabric

A long while ago someone told me about a "great" idea of using multi-port server NICs to build ad-hoc (or hypercube or whatever) server-only networks. It's pretty easy to prove that the approach doesn't make sense if you try to build generic any-to-any-connectivity infrastructure... but it makes perfect sense in a small environment.

One can only hope Scale Computing keeps their marketing closer to reality than some major vendors (that I will not name because I'm sick-and-tired of emails from their employees telling me how I'm unjustly picking on the stupidities their marketing is evangelizing) and will not start selling this approach as save-the-world panacea... but we can be pretty sure there will be people out there using it in way-too-large environments, and then blame everything else but their own ignorance or stubbornness when the whole thing explodes into their faces.

Thanks to Ivan Pepelnjak (see source)

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