Wednesday, January 22, 2020

BrandPost: Huawei CloudCampus Triumphs over Cisco DNA, Tolly Reports

With new technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) emerging all around us, enterprise digitalization is inevitable. But however much enterprises want to transform, there is a significant cost in terms of time and technological manpower to ensure the system runs smoothly. In particular, enterprises are often faced with a variety of human factors that can hamper digitalization projects, including organizational resistance to change, lack of a clear vision, and inability to gather and leverage customer data, to name just a few.

On the technical front, the challenge is in finding the right products and services to overcome the inflexibility of technology stack and development processes. Therefore, picking the most suitable and flexible solutions to meet the transformation challenges is usually the key to success. The right solution not only streamlines deployment but also makes it easier for people who are involved in the exercise – the easier the jobs, the less reluctant the organization towards the changes.

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