Wednesday, December 11, 2019

7 ways to remember Linux commands

Some Linux commands are very easy to remember. The names may have only a couple letters and they often relate directly to what you want to do – like cd for changing directories or pwd for displaying the present working directory. Others can be very difficult to remember, especially if what you want to do relies on using a series of options.

So, let’s look at some commands and tricks that can help you remember commands that do just what you need them to do and that make issuing those commands so much easier.

Use aliases

The best way to nail down a complicated command is to turn it into an alias. Just take a command that works for you and assign it an easy name. In fact, there is nothing wrong with using the name of the command itself as the alias as long as this doesn’t interfere with other ways you might want to use that command. For example, grep and egrep are often aliased to include using color to highlight your search term.

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Thanks to Sandra Henry-Stocker (see source)

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