Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Nvidia quietly unveils faster, lower power Tesla GPU accelerator

Nvidia was all over Supercomputing 19 last week, not surprisingly, and made a lot of news which we will get into later. But overlooked was perhaps the most interesting news of all: a new generation graphics-acceleration card that is faster and way more power efficient.

Multiple attendees and news sites spotted it at the show, and Nvidia confirmed to me that this is indeed a new card. Nvidia’s “Volta” generation of Tesla GPU-accelerator cards has been out since 2017, so an upgrade was well overdue.

The V100S comes only in PCI Express 3 form factor for now but is expected to eventually support Nvidia’s SXM2 interface. SXM is a dual-slot card design by Nvidia that requires no connection to the power supply, unlike the PCIe cards. SXM2 allows the GPU to communicate either with each other or to the CPU through Nvidia’s NVLink, a high-bandwidth, energy-efficient interconnect that can transfer data up to ten times faster than PCIe.

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Thanks to Andy Patrizio (see source)

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