Friday, November 15, 2019

IDG Contributor Network: Dell Tech’s PowerOne approach to hybrid cloud

Hyper Converged Infrastructure is going through a period of dynamic shifts and disruption, hybrid and multi cloud architectures are also transforming how people think about infrastructure. And with this I am watching the vendor landscape go through a period of significant transformation.

For most traditional IT vendors, established norms and product roadmaps are in a state of flux as product lifecycles are being compressed. And new mega trends – AI, ML, containers and 5G, to name a few – are disrupting how IT is provisioned, managed and consumed.

We are also entering a market cycle of increased “coopetition,” where traditional on-premises vendors such as IBM, Dell Tech, HPE and Cisco (among others) are having product roadmaps and revenue projections upended by hyperscale cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft with Azure and Google Cloud Platform. While these companies are continuing to work together strategically, it’s also easy to recognize that market conditions are yielding an increased level of competition among these same organizations. These shifts are driving the incumbent infrastructure vendors to make bold moves to stay relevant and continue to drive the growth so craved by shareholders and the innovation desired by their largest customers and users.

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