Tuesday, November 19, 2019

BrandPost: SD-WANs Enable Scalable Local Internet Breakout but Pose Security Risk

SD-WAN streamlines how application traffic is routed from the branch, making it easier to create local internet breakout and allowing users to access cloud services directly from the branch. In an ideal SD-WAN scenario, every remote location and device has its own local internet breakout and corresponding security services. Yet, reality looks a lot different for many companies. 

This is something network professionals have wanted to enable for decades. The problem was that setting up local internet breakout using traditional routers was not trivial and required a tremendous amount of engineering work so most businesses, except for the ones that had high levels of technical talent shied away. The shift to cloud and edge computing has made local internet breakout almost mandatory today, so businesses have turned to SD-WAN as a simpler path to enable it. As this happens, organizations need to understand the security risks. 

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