Tuesday, October 29, 2019

IoT roundup: VMware, Nokia beef up their IoT

The major U.S. mobile carriers are eager participants in the rise of IoT, and it’s tough to argue that they don’t have a major role to play – the ability to connect largely anywhere, coupled with the ability to handle high-throughput applications, means that cellular data can be an attractive option for the connectivity piece of an IoT deployment.

AT&T announced a deal with Vodafone last week to interconnect their respective narrow-band IoT networks across the Atlantic, mating AT&T’s U.S. coverage with Vodafone’s in western Europe. That means that businesses with NB-IoT deployments in those areas can use that single network to connect their entire implementation. Not to be outdone, Sprint announced that it, too, is rolling out NB-IoT on its Curiosity IoT platform. Sprint shared its plans during a panel discussion at Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles last week.

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