Monday, October 28, 2019

BrandPost: MPLS Migration: How a KISS Transformed the WANs of 4 IT Managers

Back in 1960, a Lockheed engineer named Kelly Johnson coined the acronym KISS for “keep it simple stupid.” His wise—and simple—advice was that systems tend to work better when they’re simple than when they’re complex. KISS became an essential U.S. Navy design principle and captures the crux of any WAN transformation initiative.

So many of the challenges of today’s WANs stem from the sheer number of components involved. Each location may require one or more routers, firewalls, WAN optimizers, VPN concentrators, and other devices just to connect safely and effectively with other locations or the cloud. The result: multiple points of failure and a potential uptime and troubleshooting nightmare. Simply understanding the state of the WAN can be difficult with information spread across so many devices and components. Managing all the updates required to protect the network from new and evolving threats can be overwhelming.

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