Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Vodafone UK broadband users nears 500m

Vodafone UK has increased its broadband customer base to almost half a million, according to new figures released by the company.   Some 44,000 new fixed line home broadband connections were added during the second quarter of 2018, creating a total of 479,000 users nationwide.   Although this was slightly down from the 52,000 added in the previous quarter ending June 2018, it means Vodafone has grown its customer numbers from only 183,000 in the third quarter of 2016-17, a significant increase in a relatively short time.   The minor decrease may also be down to competitors attempting to match Vodafone's pricing - which was the cheapest in the UK for a while - and greater penetration of super-fast broadband meaning there are fewer new customers to connect.   Overall, the company said UK fixed service revenue grew by 6.2 per cent, "driven by continued strong momentum in consumer broadband and a return to service revenue growth in business".   In terms of mobile, Vodafone added 86,000 net new mobile contract customers this quarter, up by around 60,000.   This year, Vodafone switched on its first live 5G wireless broadband technology trials, pairing up with Cityfibre to connect Milton Keynes during September 2018.   It has now been confirmed that these Fibre-to-the-Home products will be rolled out to a further nine UK cities by early 2019.   The company has also been expanding its Fibre-to-the-Cabinet offerings via superfast broadband packages and is one of the cheapest British providers for such services.   Vodafone's New Group CEO Nick Read commented: "Our goal is to deepen customer engagement through a broader offering of products and services and to deliver the best digital customer experience, supported by consistent investment in our leading Gigabit networks."   Earlier this month, Vodafone announced a slight price cut to two of its most popular deals: Superfast 1 and Superfast 2, both of which now cost £1 less a month.   The company is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world and the third biggest telecommunications provider in Europe.

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