Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Winners of R200,000 Entelect Challenge announced

Entelect has announced the winners of its programming competition, after the finals were played at rAge 2017.

This year's challenge was to develop software that can play a Battleships-type game against competing systems developed by other programmers.

The competition was structured to allow relatively low-level coders the opportunity to enter, said Entelect. As a result, the number of participants more than doubled compared to last year.

On the day, it was Ryan Louw and his bot  "Colonel Panic" which won first prize.

Colonel Panic was built in C# and even though it didn't have the best record coming into the playoffs, the lessons Louw learnt during the earlier tournament rounds helped him refine his strategy.

Louw's bot went into the finals with strong stats:

  • 196 wins out of 263 matches played.
  • 5 wins out of 7 clan matches played.

The winners of the 2017 Entelect Challenge are listed below.

1Ryan LouwR70,000
2Dion van HuyssteenR35,000
3Anesu JairosiR25,000
4Jaco MostertR25,000
5Willie TheronR10,000
6Wynand WolmaransR10,000
7Andre NelR10,000
8Mark-Anthony FoucheR10,000

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