Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What South Africans really want on Tinder

Research by Kaspersky Lab has revealed what South Africans want from online dating services.

It stated that 31% of South Africans use online dating services and apps, but that people looking for "the one" online might be disappointed.

The research showed that of the users on services like Tinder, Bumble, and OK Cupid, only 10% are looking for a marriage partner.

50% of online dating users are doing it "for fun", while 19% are only looking for sex.

"The online dating world is also rife with false information," said Kaspersky.

62% of people locally admitted to lying while dating online. This included faking information to make themselves look better than they do in real life.

17% of people said they have encountered scammers trying to extort personal or financial information from them, or sending them malicious links.

"Online dating is a great way of meeting new people in our connected and busy online world, but it isn't all plain sailing," it said.

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