Monday, October 9, 2017

We want 500MB of data free per month – DA

The DA Youth is demanding a monthly 500MB mobile data allowance for qualifying citizens.

"An allowance of 500MB will allow poor students, matrics, and jobseekers to access the Internet for study purposes and to find work," said the DA Youth's Yusuf Cassim.

"How can we call ourselves free when half of the South African population have no access to the Internet. It is an economic necessity."

Cassim said even the SABC announced it would no longer advertise jobs in the newspaper and instead direct people to its website.

"This fight didn't start with #DataMustFall as some would like you to believe. The DA has been fighting this for years."

The DA wants a mobile data allowance for:

  • Poor and missing-middle students.
  • Matric learners registered at government schools.
  • Jobseekers registered on the jobseekers database.

The government must fund this allowance, said Cassim.

He added that the funding will be achieved by deducting the price of the free mobile data allowance from each mobile operator's monthly tax bill.

The release of additional frequency spectrum will also bring competition to the market, he said. "This will naturally drive prices down."

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