Monday, October 9, 2017

Virgin Media’s “Flash Sale” of Standalone 50-300Mbps Cable Broadband

virgin media fast broadband 2017

Cable operator Virgin Media has today started a short "Flash Sale" of their standalone 50-300Mbps ultrafast cable broadband packages, which cuts a few extra pounds off the existing discounts and will be available to order by new customers until 11th October 2017.

As usual customers are subject to a 12 month contract (a 30 day contract option does exist but the discounts don't apply) and can expect to receive a Hub wireless router, unlimited usage, access to Virgin's WiFi hotspots (e.g. London Underground Stations), internet security / parental controls and free email. On top of that a £20 one-off activation applies and some people may also be charged £40 for a standard installation.

We've included the flash sale prices below and also included the recent pricing history of each package as a strike-through.

VIVID 50Mbps
Price: £33£27 £25 per month for 12 months (£33 thereafter)

VIVID 100Mbps
Price: £38£32 £30 per month for 12 months (£38 thereafter)

VIVID 200Mbps
Price: £43£37 £35 per month for 12 months (£43 thereafter)

VIVID 300Mbps
Price: £48£42 £40 per month for 12 months (£48 thereafter)

The operator informs us that there will also be a Flash Sale on their Full House TV Sports Bundle (200Mb and 300Mb only), which will be live between Monday 9th October and Wednesday 18th October. For example, the 200Mbps option drops from £75 to £65 per month for 12 months of service.

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