Thursday, October 12, 2017

Viprinet solves all enterprise connectivity requirements, using consumer grade media

Viprinet introduces New Multichannel VPN Routers and Hubs which provide the greatest flexibility in business connectivity. Viprinet makes reliable and secure connectivity a reality.

With its patented bonding technology, Viprinet enables customers to create a high security, high availability and high performance internet connection by aggregating multiple different wired and wireless WAN connections.

Any type of connection can be included in the bonded tunnel mix, including all GSM connections, LTE, DSL, fibre, cable and satellite.

Viprinet's innovative and simple to implement technology supports the successful implementation of your business goals by allowing you to easily bring distant and hard to connect sites into your secure WAN.

In addition you are able to maximise your return on investment by allowing you to fully utilise all the bandwidth you have in place (including that which is used for backup redundancy) with improved transfer rates and 99.9% stability.

Future-proof your business with Viprinet's modular routers with easy expansion of existing investment as you grow, a unique and cost effective connectivity solution in the industry.

Viprinet encourages IT decision makers and potential partners to visit them at the MyBroadband exhibition and conference, to see exciting demonstrations of powerful, adaptable routers.

See the real-time performance of their adaptable, secure, and ROI-improving routers for yourself, featuring:

Reliable Modular Router Units

Upgrading and maintaining your networks while minimising downtime has never been easier, thanks to our hot-swappable modules.

Your router keeps running and your connection stays up even when switching out modules.

High Capacity Hubs

Viprinet hubs can accommodate an almost unlimited number of VPN tunnels and VPN client connections, offer traffic shaping on a line-by-line and tunnel-by-tunnel basis, have a bonding capacity of up to 2GBits/s and can be built into a redundancy network with other hubs, preventing downtime and lost packets.

All products will be presented at My Broadband Exhibition in Johannesburg (26 October), during which time Viprinet will demonstrate the devices in live operation at its booth (Hall 3 Gallagher Estate).

Viprinet products are currently available for purchase or on a rental basis from Speer Management Services.

For more information contact: Jacqui Gradwell – [email protected] – +27 (0)11 274 93 94

This article was published in partnership with Speer Viprinet.

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