Wednesday, October 11, 2017

UK Broadband ISPs Hit by Slow Speed, Latency and Connectivity Fault

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A number of UK ISPs (Zen Internet, iDNET, Merula etc.) are this afternoon reporting a "nationwide" disruption to their DSL (ADSL / VDSL2) based broadband connections, which may be causing connectivity problems and bouts of slow service speed or high latency for some customers.

The problem was first spotted at just after 11am today and an increasing number of providers appear to be reporting it. Apparently the cause of this fault has now been identified and a fix is currently being developed, although nobody has been able to offer a clear ETA for the fix.

Take note that this issue appears to be separate from the fibre optic cable break that has been causing problems for Sky Broadband's subscribers in the North East of England since yesterday.

iDNET Service Status

Our Suppliers have identified an issue causing slow speeds, packet loss and intermittent connectivity to some broadband customers Nationwide.

Investigations are ongoing but an ETA for fix has not yet been advised.

Further updates will be posted as soon as we have more information.

Zen Service Status

We have seen subscriber drops and had reports of packet loss and intermittency for a portion of our DSL subscriber base.
Our engineers have investigated and identified a common link in our suppliers network. This has been raised to the supplier who are investigating.

Further updates will be posted here when available.

Zen regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Merula Service Status

One of our back-haul providers is aware of an ongoing issue affecting a small section of our lines which is causing either packet loss or intermittent connectivity or sometimes both. NOTE: This isn't affecting all lines but the following STD codes are those seeing issues through this supplier. We expect an update by 14.30. In the meantime, we apologise if your line is one of those affected.

01171 01173 01179 01200 01214 01282 01372 01483 01485 01512 01513 01514 01515 01517 01518 01519 01527 01553 01604 01628 01905 01932 02010 02011 02030 02031 02032 02033 02034 02035 02070 02071 02072 02073 02074 02075 02076 02077 02078 02079 02080 02081 02082 02083 02084 02085 02086 02087 02088 02089 02311 02380

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